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Something that is often overlooked is the importance of getting your gutters cleaned regularly. With the fall season underway, it has never been more important than now to get those pesky falling leaves and other debris out of your gutters. Gutters serve an important purpose to our homes, more than just catching leaves and water. They actually control the water flow while protecting your homes foundation, landscaping and roof.

There are several risks associated with failing to routinely have your gutters cleaned. The most dangerous risk is the risk to your roof and home foundation. Gutters serve to reroute the rain fall so it doesn’t damage the roof, siding, and foundation. These are the most vulnerable areas that water damage will have a costly effect. Allowing a buildup of twigs and leaves causes your gutters to clog, blocking a path to proper water flow and allowing water to pool in the wrong places. Often times, it can cause your fascia to rot, leading to a possible need to replace your entire roof. That same water buildup can even lead to mold, something you definitely want to avoid. That being said, it is crucial to maintain your gutters in order to ensure proper water flow and protect of the most important parts of your home.

Another risk you take by not having regular gutter maintenance is critters will make a home in your gutters. Whether rodents or insects, these pests will burrow inside the debris built up, often times finding a way to invade your home, causing an infestation. Having these critters living in your gutters add extra weight to them along with the weight of the leaves and other debris. This can cause damage to your gutters, fascia board and roof, that could have otherwise been prevented with routine gutter cleanings.

By not maintaining your gutters, the leaves and debris can have damaging effects on your landscaping. The buildup of debris can cause water to pour over into unsuspecting flower beds, small trees, or other landscaping. This over watering can kill the plants - and end up costing significant amounts of money (and time) to replace. Not only does keeping your gutters clean reduce the risk of water overflow onto plants, but if you are selling your home, these touches are vital. A dirty gutter can lead to rust, chipped paint, damaged shingles, and lots of other ugly side effects. A thriving landscape along with clean, unclogged gutters can go miles in curb appeal. First impressions are everything!

Gutter cleaning can at times be dangerous work. So, save some time and money and make sure you are safe by using All Clear Cleaning to clean your gutters this season.

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